April Fools Day roundup

I’ll keep a list of April Fools’ Day pranks here. In no particular order. Add a comment with your favourite and I’ll update the post.

UPDATE: TechCrunch has an awesome list of pranks happening today, as does AprilFoolsOnTheWeb.

Google gBallGoogle gBall
Google can always be relied upon to come up with something good. This year was no exception. Their GPS tracked gBall for AFL games is a must.
And kudos to News for going along with it.
imageThe Guardian is switching to Twitter
One of the better (if not more obvious) pranks, this one has The Guardian (one of Britain’s longest running newspapers) switching to Twitter for news distribution.
It's personal OK!Michael Arrington match making
A nice guest post from Carol Kravitz (see here for her CrunchBase edit history) about her project to find Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) a partner.
Conroy dumpedSenator Conroy dumped
One of the better pranks (it even had me wondering) this one announced the sacking of Australia’s Senator Conroy.
Internet full by 2012Internet to be full by 2012
This disturbing piece outlines the grave danger we face if the internet continues to grow at its current pace. The article outlines a strategy for deleting David Hasselhoff Facebook pages in a bid to stay the tide.
Tax TwitterSecret Government plan to tax Twitter
Twitter has featured in a few pranks this year, but this is one of the better implementations. Taxing Tweets is pretty funny. And it might stop the silly practice of trying to get as many followers as you possibly can.
Internet Explorer 8.1Internet Explorer 8.1 released
A great example of how an April Fools prank should be played. Starts very realistically and then gets progressively implausible. By the end you’ve enjoyed yourself, but don’t feel duped.
Includes support for Firefox plugins and Server-side code de-compiler. Classic.
Internet reboot todayInternet Reboot today
Great post from the Sitepoint team, explaining how the internet (which has been running continuously since the ‘70s mind you) will be rebooted today. The story goes on to explain how the results of the reboot will include greater stability and less viagra spam.
Microsoft buys AppleMicrosoft buys Apple
The New Zealand Herald reported this gem, along with an in-depth analysis. The product strategy is classic, and the CrackPot transcoding software a master stroke. The news was announced by Microsoft spokesperson Avril Foule.
Xbox 360 Alpine LegendAlpine Legend Xbox game
Another classic, this time from the Xbox team announcing their new Alpine Legend game, where players compete with yodelling and horn blowing skills. The add-ons are wonderful, including the Limited Edition tri-horn pack.
.NET 4.1.NET 4.1 Futures
Scott Hanselman and Eilon discuss the potential improvements coming in .NET 4.1 – but probably only funny if you are developer.
Google Chrome in 3DGoogle Chrome in 3D
This one actually made me laugh out loud. It’s probably my favourite for the day, and is much better than the lame CADIE prank on its own.
This is amazing – some people put way too much time and effort into a prank. The Qualcomm prank covers their plan to provide wireless coverage using tiny transmitters in wolfpigeons, all kept in check by Sharkfalcons and Crocodeagles. 10/10 



2 thoughts on “April Fools Day roundup

  1. Thomas Suters

    Craig, did you see the TeechCrunch April Fool list at I was on YouTube all day and sadly missed seeing random url’s which had upside down objects. A lot of people in forums kept complaining that it was March 31st in their time zone. Oh duh, haven’t they caught on that the world is on a 24 hour revolution? I think this year was more fun, perhaps because people are more connected.


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