IE8 and the perception of speed

Perception is reality. What do you see?Perception is a funny thing. I’ve sometimes said that ‘perception is reality’ – meaning that it doesn’t matter what the reality is, all that matters is what people think the reality is.

Take web browsing speed for example. Someone applies a patch to IE8 that they are informed will speed it up. They think it does. And they ‘experience’ faster browsing. In reality nothing has changed. Only their perception has.

Why mention this? Because it reiterates that perception is often more important than reality.

Vista has a perception of being slow, unstable, insecure, whatever. And people hate it with a passion. But the ‘Mojave’ experiment last year demonstrated (not at all scientifically of course) that perception is often far removed from reality.

Windows 7 to benefit

And now we see the perception shifting in Microsoft’s favour. Windows 7 is being touted as a wonderful operating system – so far the majority of reports are singing its praises. The ‘operating system that Vista should have been’ even.

As the world becomes more crowd driven via social media, the importance of perception becomes paramount.

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