IE8 Web slices in 3 minutes

Michael Kordahi - Delicate GeniusMichael Kordahi may yet turn me back to Internet Explorer (I’ve been living in FireFox and Chrome for the last few months). His ‘3 minute’ series kicks off with how to add a web slice to your page. It’s so easy, even I could do it! (see the Featured section on this site’s home page – my only problem is that the content name will change along with the content, but perhaps that’s a benefit…)

The question that remains in my mind however, is who would actually use web slices? I’ve heard the ebay example enough times and can probably accept that. But other uses? I’m still wondering. In any case, having a slice from my blog probably isn’t high on anyone’s list :-)

The video is available in HD which is always good for code samples. I think these kinds of videos are really useful and 3 minutes is a good length for us time poor attention deficient geeks. See also the Microsoft How Do I sites for more videos along these lines.)

Go check it out here or watch it below: 

(I’m not sure of the etiquette of embedding someone else’s video in your own site, but since it has embedding allowed on YouTube I figure it’s OK. And anyway, it’s all about getting the message out right?)

Thanks for the great vid Michael.

One thought on “IE8 Web slices in 3 minutes

  1. Michael Kordahi

    Hey Mate, glad you enjoyed the screencasts.

    Regarding the title of the slice, the title will be whatever is encased in class=”entry-title”. And you happen to have your class=”entry-title” wrapping dynamic text. You can change this by wrapping text that doesn’t change. Personally, I like the changing title.

    Regarding uptake. I guess that remains to be seen. Personally, I don’t have many that I use, but i would use some if they existed, a techmeme one for example. Time will tell.

    Regarding embedding, it sucks a little that the standard embed code for youtube is in low-def. If you view source on my blog post, and take the embed code from there, I’ve got a little hack that forces the embed into high def. Sucks, but thus is youtube embedding. Not many services that support high def and those that do (eg vimeo) don’t support highdef embedding (for free)

    And what, you didn’t get tempted with IE8 for the mardi gras webslice – it’s the first commercial webslice with silvelight in it you know :-)



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