Microsoft Office for Web iPhone Mobile whatever

Office for the Web - I predict Silverlight!It’s not until you get to the end of Mary Jo’s excellent summary of Microsoft Office ‘versions’ that you hit the gold. It’s all about Silverlight. Well, in my mind at least. The Silverlight 3 details announced at MIX last month are exciting in their own right, especially the opportunities for browser apps to effectively work outside the browser. But surely Office is going to be the killer Silverlight app.

For all we know, the passing Office-for-iPhone comment may just be the ravings of a bumbling Microsoft president. Or April Fools gag (given the timing). Or just a reference to Safari support. But me thinks not. My Nostra-craigus prediction is that Mary Jo is on the right path, and Silverlight will be a key component.

I’ll be taking the advice of Stephen Elop (said Microsoft president) to ‘keep watching’ :-)

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