Microsoft Surface and Health care

Microsoft Surface - the possibilities are endlessMore on Surface, this time with Health Care taking the focus (see also our earlier post on Surface in Education). At the annual HIMSS Health Care conference this week, Microsoft is demonstrating a number of health care scenarios with Microsoft Surface (along with Amalga and HealthVault technologies).

You may be wondering where Microsoft Surface fits in with Health care. Consider for a moment how people normally interact with their doctor. Probably the same way they have for decades. But then consider this (from the HIMSS schedule):

A trend in healthcare that has emerged over the past decade is the evolution of patient-centered medicine. Patient-centered care is the movement to empower individuals to become medical decision makers who take an active role in their own care. New information systems such as patient portals and personal health records facilitate this transformation. We describe the development of a prototype application for the Microsoft Surface platform designed to promote a patient-centered approach within the context of a physician-patient interaction.

Health care is changing.  

Need more convincing that Surface (and technologies like it) will play a significant role in patient interaction? Watch this video (or see below) with Tim Huckaby from January. In it he demonstrates how a doctor and patient can interact using Surface:

And that’s only one of the many scenarios possible. Microsoft plan to present 4 at the conference, including Rehabilitation (using Surface to promote motor control) and Virtual Clinic (giving the patient an overview of the process before consultation) as well as the patient consultation scenarios.

This is just the beginning.

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