Time for Windows 7 RC?

Windows 7Time to check in on the daily Windows 7 RC rumours and yet again we’re in for a treat.

If much of the Twitter buzz is true then the RC will be released on April 10. What a wonderful way to spend the long weekend (Australia has a 4 day weekend starting Friday), reformatting my machine and loading on the latest. Yes, it’s a sad thing that some of us look forward to these activities. On a side note I’ve been cleaning up an XP machine for my brother this week – ahhh what memories – and I think I’d die if I had to go back to that for any more than a few hours. But I digress, back to Windows 7…

The Hotfix mentions ‘legit and trusted sources’ which was picked up in forums and made its way onto blogs.

There’s all kinds of talk about different builds (7077, 7079, 7100 and even 7105) which I find completely boring, so perhaps I’m not that geeky after all (note to self: need to take some more of my geek pills).

Meanwhile there’s also advice on how to upgrade from the beta to the RC (in short, don’t), assuming it hasn’t been blocked, plus the ability to downgrade to Vista or XP.

Finally, there’s been a dubious report on IT Pro acceptance of Windows 7, and the usual playing-devils-advocate stance from Joe Wilcox (who I happen to totally agree with on this one – I mean how can you take seriously a poll of only 66 people!).

Rumours are rumours, so take them with a grain of salt. But if per chance the RC does make it out this weekend, there’s going to be a lot of happy people.

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