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WordPress commenting takes another step forwardI’m a big WordPress fan. Especially the self-hosted variety (like this blog is). So I’m always excited to see the new stuff coming in future versions. What get’s put into the wordpress.com (or wp.com for the tired-fingered amongst us) hosted versions usually makes it into the self-hosted release a version or two later.

One feature that is hopefully coming soon is the ability to reply to web comments via email. On the official WordPress blog this week they announced the new feature for replying to comments via email. That is, when someone comments on your blog you receive an email with the comment details. Instead of having to log into respond you can simply reply to the email with your comment. WordPress will take care of the rest. Very nice.

This is hot on the heals of threaded comments that made it into the site (and then the self-host release) a little while back. WordPress goes from strength to strength. This is yet another little example. And they allude to more coming soon…

(via ReadWriteWeb)

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  1. Andrew

    I am trying to set up WordPress on my Dreamhost account. You have a tutorial that is perfect, but then it says go to page 2, but the link to page 2 is no longer there! Do you still have the link to show how to setup the domain, and then to set up the WordPress one click install?



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