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Helpful iPad and iPhone Apps for Managing Arthritis

A smart phone or pad is a common everyday commodity in almost every home today. With that, did you know that your iPad and iPhone can help you measure, maintain and track pain, symptoms and arthritis activity so you can live a more normal lifestyle. Arthritis tracker app on your iPad and iPhone will give you the freedom and the help to be on top of your arthritis with the touch of your finger tip.

Yes this app does exist on your home or pad for you to access. Some apps are free while other can be install on your system at a minimum cost to you. Some of the more popular apps available to you for helping you with your arthritis are listed below.

DAS Calculator is available for you to install for free. (DAS stands for Disease Activity Score.) This tool helps track and analyze your rheumatoid arthritis activity. It also tracks tender or swollen joint counts (TJC or SJC), your general health and your C-reactive protein through a blood test (CRP). These information is the same information doctors and researchers use to help you maintain and control your arthritis disease. This app makes these information available to you through your smart system.

My Pain Diary is an app that can be purchased or a lite version is available to you to install for free. This app allows you to chart your pain describing the type of pain, its location, its triggers and its remedies that you experienced on a particular date at the touch of your finger tip. No longer do you have to painstakingly write down significant dates and information of your pain, this app will let help you chart the information simply and conveniently without added pain to you. It will summarize the information for you and your rheumatologists so they can better help you. Paying for the full version just make the charting easier for you.

Joy Bauer Food Cures is also another free app that focuses on nutritional information that will better help you manage chronic arthritis and other conditions. Daily tips, recipes and nutritional information are made available to you so you are able to control pain and inflammation due to arthritis. This resource will help you maintain a good diet to reduce pain and inflammation. This app was created by a nutritional expert and registered dietician featured on the Today Show.

Another free app available for your iPad is Bones, Joints and Muscles. This app gives you information about bones, joints and muscles and the medical term or condition in relation to them. You can get the information and this app for free quickly with a touch of a few buttons. Educating yourself about your body can help you with dealing with pains and conditions you have due to the arthritis disease.

Rheumatology – Tendons and Joints is a flash card app that is design to educate you about arthritis in a fun and easy way. You can purchase this flash card app for arthritis for your smart instrument. Understanding the details of your disease can help you avoid unnecessary pain and issues and help you ask key questions and finding poignant solutions to dealing with the disease.

Pain Killer 2.0 uses binaural beats to relieved pain naturally. This app can be purchased to help your brain to release endorphins which help kills the pain caused by arthritis. You must use a headphone for this app and find a fairly quiet environment for it to work properly. There is a warning that comes with this app for people who struggle with seizure.

Smart phones and pads are created to help you manage your life more efficiently and easily. Now they have created apps that are easy to download and use to help you fight against arthritis disease. Though there is no cure yet for the many aspect of arthritis disease, but these app can help you maintain and control the disease so it does not debilitate you further. These app will give you more freedom and simplify tasks in everyday life so that the disease does not run you over. These helpful tools are available to you at the touch of a finger tip. Let it help you make your life easier and help you manage the symptoms and pain that it creates in your life.

Image source: Health 365