Tech Repeater is a Tech blog edited by Craig Bailey.

Craig has worked in software development for more than 18 years, primarily in the Microsoft space. Initially as a developer, database programmer and team leader, then moving into project management, and later general management in CTO and Technical Director roles. He now acts as a consultant, advising companies on their technical strategy, with short engagements preferred (2-6 weeks). Craig has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

He is currently helping develop a number of sites, including this one about getting organized.

As well as this general Tech blog, Craig also posts on his personal blog: Craig Bailey on Microsoft.

Craig is married to Michele, and they live in Sydney, Australia. Here’s Craig hanging out with Jack, one of his nephews.

Craig and Michele Craig and Jack (one of his nephews)

Why the name TechRepeater?

1. It was available. It is so hard to find a decent .com name these days, and we wanted one that started with ‘tech’. There were hundreds we brainstormed, but most were gone of course. A few possibilities remained (eg TechRambo.com, which we thought could benefit from an ‘all Tech guns blazing’ by-line or some such) but nothing really appealed. TechRepeater was one of the few available that we actually liked.

2. It’s easy to spell. If you tell someone TechRepeater we suspect they’ll be able to spell it. And hopefully remember it.

3. It should be pretty easy to rank for the term ‘tech repeater’, since there’s not much competition. Ideally we want to be able to say ‘just Google us’ and be reasonably confident we’ll be on page one. We’re hoping to get on page one within two months (ie by May 2009).

4. It’s kind of appropriate. The purpose of the site is predominantly to link to other news and events. It’s unlikely we’ll be providing the scoop on any particular topic (although that would be nice), so we are not really putting out anything original here. Mostly we are just repeating the news from some other source. We add value by clarifying what the news item is and how it applies to people’s lives and technology businesses.

5. It has a kind of networking/electronic overtone that also picks up on our goals of adding value to technology news. Wikipedia for example gives us this definition of a ‘repeater’:

A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level and/or higher power…

Or take this explanation from SearchNetworking.com:

Repeaters remove the unwanted noise in an incoming signal.

That kind of sums us up. We aim to take the good stuff, improve the value of it and pass it on.

Why a new site?

What was wrong with craigbailey.net?

There were a few reasons why a new site was in order.

1. WordPress. The old site is running on BlogEngine.NET which although a great little platform, is no where near as popular and supported as WordPress. WordPress has so many advantages from support to SEO to plugins and general extensibility it was impossible to ignore. Just about every 3rd party integration point (eg email marketing, online store, caching) has a plugin. But the kicker: Akismet. Handling the spam on the old site is very time consuming, and quite simply, with WordPress that problem goes away.

2. Email. For the last few months the craigbailey.net addresses have been having problems with emails not arriving. This is probably partially a problem with the hosting company as well. So part of the new site, includes a new host (Dreamhost) who use GMail as their email provider.

3. Direction. The direction of this new site is broader (encompassing more than just Microsoft developer news). Rather than try to shape the existing site it is much easier to simply start again fresh.

4. Audience. This follows on from the previous point. Over the years (craigbailey.net has posts back to June 2004) the site has built up a following that is interested in the more detailed posts about specific Microsoft technologies. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to foist the new stuff onto the existing audience. Hopefully those who are interested will follow us over here.

5. SEO. The old site has hundreds of pages of nested articles and html pages, in addition to the blog posts. Any attempt to redirect those to a new site would have been job, with the possibility of breaking links and losing Google juice. It was safest to leave the site as is, and simply build up a new site. Some of the most popular articles from craigbailey.net will be repeated here and 301 redirects placed, but they will be low in number.

6. Freedom. In general, starting anything new is quite liberating. With some significant life changes happening this year, the writing approach will change also. Knowing that any readers will be interested in the new stuff (and not just dragged along as a loyal reader) is a liberating thought. Simply write what comes naturally, and don’t worry about what people will think. This new site starts with a readership of 0. No pressure.

7. Monetization. TechRepeater has a monetization plan behind it. This will become clearer in the coming months (and is not just about a few ads on the sidebar). Again, foisting this onto a personal blog would have been inappropriate.

8. Craig will continue to blog at craigbailey.net occasionally, however most of his blogging will be here at TechRepeater.


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Mailing address: PO Box 527 Chatswood NSW 2057 Australia.

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