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An Overview of Technology trend for 2013

2012 captured so much of our imagination in technology that now we are expecting more for this year 2013.

Now we can anticipate techs to be much lighter for mobile and laptops, much bigger for tablets, much faster for internet, more memory for chips, much innovative, and much much more novelties than we can imagine. You name them now; tech companies will devise it tomorrow.

Digitally Conquered

Everything we do, every move we take takes a digital counterpart. We became the digital era, the internet generation. Technology comes but it never goes, it only improves, by the hour.

2012 paved way for tablets and smart phones. The world has been mapped. There is no turning back.

2013: What Tech Savvies can expect

As foreseen, 2013 will be a hub of technology trends. I for one expect much for this year. So let’s see an overview of tech trends this year. Each trend goes with bullets and alliterations for fun.

• Tablets Take Over. As IT stats projected, tablets will get bigger this year. And it will get more audience too. More features and much better interface. There will be a lot of versions too. The cheaper version, the costly version, the high quality version and the low quality version. The truth is, quality is the only choice here. Better quality, better experience. Let’s see it this year.

Clouds Clout. So it doesn’t mean that cloud you see over your head during a sunny day. It was such a hard term to fully appreciate in layman’s term. Cloud is, according to Wikipedia, a computation, software, data access and storage services. It has been quite a choice for COO’s and CEO’s today. With cloud one can virtualize everything to run an office, synch Ipad to Mac to IPod, store in a private infrastructure or database with security and more. This has been introduced a while back but has been predicted to come out better this year.

Mobile Mob. Smart phones now grow much faster than our hair. Seems like every month last year we get to see more updated version of our current mobiles and much more newer units that make our year old phone look jurrasic. And for this 2013, the year of the snake, we are expecting more cunning innovations in this field. Aside from the launch of iphone5, we should see the windows phone and watch out for other phone providers too.

Mobilize and Monopolize. So with everyone going mobile, there is this big internet takeover in mobile browsing. More smart phones means more chances of web access through phones. Thus, there is a bigger market for mobilizing your websites too to meet current mobile needs of users. Mobilizing will get to many web developers and web owners this year because if they don’t, they’ll be taken out of those trending topics.
Application Army. More of mobile talk. Now, again, with mobile dominance there will be more application demands too. If there will be more application demands, then there will be more app stores out there. And that goes for every mobile platform and os.

Big-data beat. We’ve heard of 2.0, but 2013 will have it big for the web 3.0. For now, it shifts its focus to enterprises and its information architecture. So this will lead more business orgs out there for some changes. Let’s watch out for its mainstreaming.

TV Trade. So it’s one tech industry out there that never gets tired of innovations. Trend is, it will keep getting bigger, if not, then better. Gesture and voice sensors gets the best of television now especially with the launch of a certain company’s 56 inch OLED screen. Now you’ll get the picture, in a bigger screen and better features.

Sensor Stake. So everything gets to sensors. Chances are you’ll detect more or be detected or do less work in the future. These sensors will do the job for you, for personal use or to help you in your business endeavors.

Education —Extraordinaire. So everyone get education online today. Seems to be education will be the next field internet is targeting. More enrollees get to these online schools, education to get a degree or training. Better stat for it this year.

Imaging Techniques. So I guess this is where my alliterations fail me. 3D imaging seems to be the future. It is in architecture, security, medicine, manufacturing and entertainment. It is so helpful and keeps its real life application very usable.

Internet of things. Another alliteration fail. Anyway, IoT will be seen through this 2013. Everything or everything that developers and programmers can touch will get to have internet. Appliances for example.

Facebook Friendly. Now that everybody’s unto developing network sites, it seems that everybody or every social media wants to get a like in Facebook. They get this cross platform thing that makes your post or content appear in another social media especially Facebook. That’s a better chance of being seen or followed.

Virtual Network Versatility. So this goes with device continuity too. Having watched a video in your phone and want it in your pc won’t require you to transfer file anymore. This top tech would let you watch it at the same part where you stopped.

Social Platforms Plans. So there will be more innovative social media to be seen this 2013 that would be a lot different than what we have now. The rise of these content platforms should be watched out for this year. Now the question is, will it rival Facebook or will it reach Pinterest’s growing network? That would be for us to see.

We can always predict trends every year, but there will be those which will took us by storm. Now, which TV or phone or tablet or software will make it? We never know. So the above trends aren’t that complete or as detailed, it’s just an overview. You might want to add something to that minus my attempt for alliterations. 

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How Small Businesses Are Using Pinterest to Grow Their Audience


I used to tell my friends once that I know this three little verbs which would help make a starting venture flourish (though I’m not a business expert); create, innovate, market. But that was before Pinterest then.

Making Quite the Statistics

Until 2011, I decided to make it four. I added the word “pin”. And that is to give credit to the newest social media and content sharing site that took the world unexpectedly. From its first launch back in 2010, the site now has over 25 million visitors per month and is now valued at more or less $1.5 billion.

For getting those 25 million visitors per month, pin interest grew wildly saturating the business world for the most part.

With its staggering growth, it became a hub for small business. The idea of pinning and re-pinning became the new marketing trick to attract more customers and generate more audience which would likely spawn more potential buyers too.

How do these small businesses use the site to grow their audience?

With Pinterest quickly catching up with Facebook for generating traffic referral and finally surpassing Twitter, more businesses opt to pin it rather than tweet or make a page of it. But for real time, what do these small businesses do in order to pique interest and gain profits? And for you who’s about to start it, what to do? Let’s do the math:

  • They Signed up, Made boards, Pinned it. So as one can see, these three steps can be categorized in a single bullet since it can only take you 7 minutes max to do it. That is if you already have your pre-existent product or website and is now ready for that small business venture novel advertising approach in digital sense. Though it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a pre-existing business site you can’t do well with it, Pinterest can be a great way to start. Make sure though you signed up for a business account but if you haven’t, you can always convert it. Boards are like albums and your pins are your content such as pictures.
  • They identified their boards. Identifying means defining it into simple and understandable categories. Be straight in defining the products and services that you offer. Build it for long term goal and not for the spur of the moment interest. Use different boards as much as possible to distinguish one product from another and to avoid your audience from being confused too. If you’re unto photography, make boards like single portraits, family portraits, weddings, black and white or commercial photography instead of flocking them all together in a single board.
  • They invited audience and tried to know them.  It doesn’t mean though that you have to do some detailed demographic study of your audience. Just take note of the specific board or pins that they pinned, re-pinned and what they bought from you in the past. That’s as much as personality study. So the next time, try making more innovative but of the same quality as the last time which has drawn the most viewers.

  • They cross promote. Make your pins be seen in Facebook and Twitter too. That’s additional traffic for your friends who haven’t heard of Pinterest yet. Plus it gives you wider audience possibility. So if you posted your new book’s cover in Pinterest, it would surely appear in Facebook and Twitter and that would be likely shared or you would be likely followed.
  • They injected some creativity in it. You can post promotional and artsy vid promoting your products. They don’t only have to see them; they need to hear it from you. Inject coolness and creativity; base it on your target audience and your products too. Example, do a promotional vid on your restaurant or your new site. Keep it short but ingenious.
  • They used clear, high quality images. Grainy and low quality photos would look like it has been grabbed from the web. Plus great photos and higher resolution would look nice and would be more compelling. It conveys your message in a no nonsense way. Like a chocolate cake in blurred photo looking like it has been frosted with ah, bad chocolate, you get the picture.
  • They linked it. This one is the beauty of it all. You can link it to your personal business site. That’s the way of redirecting your audience back to you site for more details. It’s as simple as putting a link to your descriptions.
  • They utilized the “pin it” button. They put that pin it button in their original site for added appeal and to amass more audience too. How? Pinning it means one will have the chance to be on the pinner’s board and be seen by the pinner’s audience.  They can opt to follow you too.
  • They hosted some little contest.  Now that’s what I mean of engaging your audience. A little novelty like that with one of your product as the price would likely to give you followers and audience too.
  • They went for hashtag. Hash tags weren’t only for Facebook, Twitter and the likes. Pinterest has it too. That makes it your product more discoverable with keyword search, you can use SEO here. For a designer can use #dress, #fallcollection, #whatever your pin is all about.
  • They added fun insiders. So what makes business a little fun is this little peek at the people behind it. Post a picture of your product on the making, yourself working or your business partners. It’s like a little humanizing and won’t just make you that man/woman/robot behind the cupcake recipes.
  • They measured their traffic stats. After you’ve got a stable account and starting to get audience, you can now start this. It means analyzing which of your site’s product gets the most traffic from Pinterest. You can start with the figure and go all the way.


The above mentioned ways were, as much as possible given with details and examples. And I can say that Pinterest will see us through some more years. Will it topple Facebook? That’s for us to see.

For an end though it’s not how much “how to” blogs you followed, creativity and inner drive plus great products will still be your means to success. Now pin it.


An Introduction to the New MySpace


I was glad of the idea that after a string of muffed jobs to save MySpace from decline and a series of reshuffling and resignation from its top people, MySpace is on for a revamp and a deliberate reentering in the world of socials.

Now that’s a bit of nostalgia for everyone who literally started their internet and music life with MySpace, left it for something like Facebook and now is trying to come back to it for its newer and slicker interface.

MySpace over the years

MySpace started in the social network world with a flag saying “nothing can beat us” and it’s safe to say that they took the world by storm through its features I.e. focus on music and social networking. But with emergence of Facebook later, the once king of socials slowly faced a series of depression and was eventually upstaged by the coming of Facebook, Twitter and other newer sites.

Following several more bad reviews, the company which was once a hype, was bought by no other than Justin Timberlake with visions of what’s it’s going to be after.

Classic and New MySpace

The classic site was bombarded by so many blunders that the company overlooked such as chaotic profiles, spam accounts and NSFW posts and contents. With such blunders, users overlooked some of it’s once nice features like the mail, the Instant Messenger, the mood sharing, bulletins, school connect, blogs and music.

Nevertheless, it’s now in for some good future with its fresh and innovative edge. Seeing the new MySpace block format would have left you nostalgic for the past yet be amazed too of what it became now.

Look Overhaul—New MySpace Features

I for one like several things about it. Aside from like at first sight, the new MySpace offered new experiences to its old loyal users and new users. Below are the few:

  • Logo. It was the first step that any revamp should do. Old name but new face, new identity. Old name inhibits familiarity and new face exhibits changes. The logo which sometimes puts a blank after the word My (My______) at times contains a picture too or sometimes the word space itself.
  • Slick New Look. With the look I mean it’s the page that meets you after logging in. You can choose to view your news feed in it through three ways, stream view, grid view and playback mode. It’s lay out is clean and doesn’t gets you slap with bloated design of the old site which included 152 templates and 81 buttons. The new MySpace only boasts of just seven templates plus two buttons. Imagine the visual pollution you saved your eye from.  “Minimalist” seems to be their word at this moment.
  • Left to Right Horizontal Navigation. Though this wasn’t new (Google+ has it), still it come out as more novel compared to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Evoking Imagery. If you haven’t been to the new MySpace yet, you’ll be compelled to see its simple options, big visuals, receptive and intuitive design and big fonts. Your pictures may take up the whole browser which would prompt you to use your own high quality pictures than infringing some photos from the net. It gives you the chance to pair your photo albums with your playlists (mixes) too. Though it was said to be inspired by Pinterest’s large photos, it can’t be denied that the latest site is crafted with art.

justin timberlake myspaceMusic Focused. Music, mixes. You can get all of it with its audio controls at the bottom of the screen which is always present and requires you only to hover the mouse beneath the page. It becomes easy to navigate and to find artists, genres and stations to connect with wherein one can create and publicly publish a mix. With the sites new focus on entertainment, it gather’s more fans at its feet. There was a sense of purpose for the integration of music art and photography.

*And try its radio button too. Gets you some live streaming from FMs.

  • Artists-Fans. There is a new look with the artists pages too. The way to knowing some of your legitimate artist account is the blue chain, which means it has been verified by the site itself. With the site’s focus on linking fans and artists, there will be lots of connection and interaction between the two. Pilot release, which would hopefully be followed by other artists, was made by Justin Timberlake with his new single that was exclusively released in the site.
  • Just type. This one is nice among its other feature. You can type in an idle page and voila you’ll get to see what you are searching and what you are typing in large fonts too. Saves you time from looking for that search button and diving for your eyeglasses.
  • Cross Posting. If you can’t beat them join them. The new MySpace allows you to cross post in Twitter and Facebook whether it’s your status update or your photos or music. You get the idea.
  • Trending and Topics. There is a new Topic Pages—which has a display of information around a specific topic or artist or music and a Trending feed too which shows popular music, artists, videos and events. These can be dragged and dropped into your own folders.
  • User Friendly. That should go for all other social media. The new MySpace can take you where you wanted to be in two or three clicks. Plus it plays its videos nicely, may take the whole browser window but the navigation site can reappear at the move of the mouse. It can play back continuously too if you choose to do other things.


These new MySpace is on its beta stage and would take more tweak to finally take it to its final form. For now, it eggs on old users to see it for themselves and to add more invites. If Justin Timberlake made the perfect investment and if the new MySpace will pave better with its artsy and minimalist look, it’s all to be seen in the future. As for now, all is well.