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Outlook 2010 screenshots

Office 2010 For those interested in what Outlook 2010 is shaping up to look like, here’s a few screenshots from the Microsoft PressPass Image Gallery. You may have read our post on Exchange 2010 a few days back. Whilst we were mostly critical of the increasing reliance on email, we also made mention of some of the good things coming that will help with managing your ‘corporate life’ in Exchange (and delivered via Outlook and OWA). These screenshots give an idea of how they will work. Notice also that Outlook has the ribbon in the main application now.

Here’s the ‘conversation view’ (in OWA):

Outlook Web Access Conversation view

Here’s the ‘mute button’ to take yourself out of a conversation:

Outlook 2010 Mute

Here’s the tips that help people stopping doing really stupid stuff:

Outlook 2010 MailTips

And here’s a few more:

Outlook 2010 MailTips

And here’s the voicemail preview:

Outlook 2010 Voicemail Preview

There’s further discussion on Zack Whittaker’s blog (from his April 18 post).

Outlook 2007 SP2 Improvements

Outlook 2007

There’s a huge batch of performance improvements coming in Office 2007 SP2, especially for Outlook users. This Microsoft Outlook Support article details the enhancements.

Gains in general performance, storage algorithms and user interface are top of the list. As are a ton of bug fixes. Even just focussing on the startup process has seen dividends. Here’s a comment from the team:

Our approach to optimizing the startup process is fairly straight-forward. We analyzed all the tasks Outlook queues and improved the boot time by removing a few operations that were considered unnecessary, and by better orchestrating the execution of the necessary tasks.

One of the key items I noticed was the improved shutdown performance. Life can be frustrating when you are running for a meeting and need to shutdown. Waiting a few minutes (yes a few minutes feels like an eternity when you are in a rush) for Outlook to disappear from Task Manager so you can shutdown Windows can be a hassle. This fix alone will be reason to apply the update.

The improvements are coming SP2 later this year, although you can request to download just these Outlook updates via the support site.

All-in-all this looks very positive.

Thanks to SBTUG news for the link.