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Microsoft Office for Web iPhone Mobile whatever

Office for the Web - I predict Silverlight!It’s not until you get to the end of Mary Jo’s excellent summary of Microsoft Office ‘versions’ that you hit the gold. It’s all about Silverlight. Well, in my mind at least. The Silverlight 3 details announced at MIX last month are exciting in their own right, especially the opportunities for browser apps to effectively work outside the browser. But surely Office is going to be the killer Silverlight app.

For all we know, the passing Office-for-iPhone comment may just be the ravings of a bumbling Microsoft president. Or April Fools gag (given the timing). Or just a reference to Safari support. But me thinks not. My Nostra-craigus prediction is that Mary Jo is on the right path, and Silverlight will be a key component.

I’ll be taking the advice of Stephen Elop (said Microsoft president) to ‘keep watching’ :-)

MySpace and Silverlight

MySpace Silverlight SDKThere’s no doubt that Silverlight is powering ahead in many circles. As Ars Technica reported earlier, the latest development along those lines has Silverlight and MySpace working together. MySpace is now allowing developers to host Silverlight applications on the MySpace Open Platform.

From the MySpace Developer Platform Wiki:

Using Silverlight and the MySpace Open Platform, Developers can rapidly create and deliver sophisticated MySpace applications that provide streaming video, graphics and audio to a variety of platforms and devices.

The MySpace Silverlight SDK is available here.

Windows Mobile

But the Microsoft love doesn’t end there. Later this summer (whatever that means) MySpace will be releasing a Windows Mobile app for managing MySpace details, including Profile Management and Messaging friends.

These are good developments for both Microsoft and MySpace. MySpace is starting to lose traction in the social networking arena, and have a few more interesting integrations such as these can’t hurt. Microsoft also stands to benefit of course. Whilst having a Mobile app might not seem the biggest achievement (after all there’s an iPhone app for just everything these days), the penetration of Silverlight into yet another area is good to see.

Personally I think Silverlight is going to be unstoppable and will dominate the browser in a few short years. Windows Mobile on the other hand has a very shaky future. At least Microsoft are hiring more talent to boost the platform.