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The Windows 7 RC drain

Windows 7 RC is comingI’m really excited about the upcoming Windows 7 RC availability (who isn’t?). As the Windows 7 Team blog announced on Friday, it should be appearing on MSDN on 30 April, with the public release to follow on 5 May.

I’ll be downloading it straight away, as will millions of others I’m sure. What’ll be interesting is to see the download performance. In the past I’ve been really impressed with Microsoft’s infrastructure (or more correctly their infrastructure partner’s) ability to provide excellent download performance even with huge spikes. There’s been a few hiccups, for example I remember downloading Visual Studio 2008 was a long process during the first day or so, but in general the user experience has been exceptional. I wonder how the Windows 7 RC release will cope.

One of these days I’d love to meet with an IT guru who sets up these kinds of infrastructures and get a proper understanding. I think it is amazing what IT manages to deliver, usually based on protocols and underlying methods that are decades old and never in their wildest dreams expected to be deliver the kind of traffic they do these days.

Microsoft releases coming up

Waiting for Windows 7Good to see some credible rumours about Windows 7 being published. May 5 seems to be the day when Windows 7 RC goes public (and hopefully earlier for MSDN and TechNet subscribers).

A week later on May 11 Windows Mobile 6.5 might be released (or perhaps not).

But before those releases we’ll have Office 2007 SP2 available on 28 April.

And of course the Exchange 2010 Beta was released this past week.

Time for Windows 7 RC?

Windows 7Time to check in on the daily Windows 7 RC rumours and yet again we’re in for a treat.

If much of the Twitter buzz is true then the RC will be released on April 10. What a wonderful way to spend the long weekend (Australia has a 4 day weekend starting Friday), reformatting my machine and loading on the latest. Yes, it’s a sad thing that some of us look forward to these activities. On a side note I’ve been cleaning up an XP machine for my brother this week – ahhh what memories – and I think I’d die if I had to go back to that for any more than a few hours. But I digress, back to Windows 7…

The Hotfix mentions ‘legit and trusted sources’ which was picked up in forums and made its way onto blogs.

There’s all kinds of talk about different builds (7077, 7079, 7100 and even 7105) which I find completely boring, so perhaps I’m not that geeky after all (note to self: need to take some more of my geek pills).

Meanwhile there’s also advice on how to upgrade from the beta to the RC (in short, don’t), assuming it hasn’t been blocked, plus the ability to downgrade to Vista or XP.

Finally, there’s been a dubious report on IT Pro acceptance of Windows 7, and the usual playing-devils-advocate stance from Joe Wilcox (who I happen to totally agree with on this one – I mean how can you take seriously a poll of only 66 people!).

Rumours are rumours, so take them with a grain of salt. But if per chance the RC does make it out this weekend, there’s going to be a lot of happy people.

More Windows 7 Rumours

Windows 7 is definately going to be released. Some time. Some day.Its been a good week for rumours with the Google-Twitter discussion generating a lot of interest on the interwebs.

So, it  must be time to re-stoke some other rumours – how about the Windows 7 release date rumours again. This time the suggestion is for a September RTM according to today’s Windows 7 Center post.

Note, this is a little later than the June/July RTM timeframe rumoured in February, but only by a few months.

Remember, there’s a difference between RTM (Release to Manufacturing) and Launch. RTM is when you can download it (ie via MSDN), and the launch usually happens a few months later (although this is not always the case – SQL Server 2008 for example was launched long before actual release).

Personally I can’t wait for the release. I’ve been using the Beta since January and love it. So, for me the sooner the better. But I understand Microsoft has a lot riding on this. The groundswell for Windows 7 has been very positive, so Microsoft won’t want to damage that with a premature release. Rock solid quality and a wonderful user experience are what’s needed. And I think they’ll deliver. Just this week it has been good to see Dell publishing some very positive Windows 7 results on their systems (thanks to Neowin for the link).

From what I’ve seen of Windows 7 so far, coupled with the favourable response it is getting in just about all sectors, I think Microsoft has a winner on their hands. In years to come I suspect analysts will look back at Windows 7 and point to it as the release that saved Microsoft.

IE8 and the perception of speed

Perception is reality. What do you see?Perception is a funny thing. I’ve sometimes said that ‘perception is reality’ – meaning that it doesn’t matter what the reality is, all that matters is what people think the reality is.

Take web browsing speed for example. Someone applies a patch to IE8 that they are informed will speed it up. They think it does. And they ‘experience’ faster browsing. In reality nothing has changed. Only their perception has.

Why mention this? Because it reiterates that perception is often more important than reality.

Vista has a perception of being slow, unstable, insecure, whatever. And people hate it with a passion. But the ‘Mojave’ experiment last year demonstrated (not at all scientifically of course) that perception is often far removed from reality.

Windows 7 to benefit

And now we see the perception shifting in Microsoft’s favour. Windows 7 is being touted as a wonderful operating system – so far the majority of reports are singing its praises. The ‘operating system that Vista should have been’ even.

As the world becomes more crowd driven via social media, the importance of perception becomes paramount.

Windows 7 RC and Release rumours

Windows 7 Release CandidateArs Technica reported on the ‘accidental’ TechNet page detailing the Windows 7 RC release coming. The page (since taken down) details how the Release Candidate will be available in May 2009 (and not expire until June 2010).

This adds further weight to a July release of Windows 7, noted back in February on the Windows 7 Center site.

I’ve been using the 7000 build since January and just love it. I can’t wait for the RC.